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Our experienced team of scientists and pharmaceutical specialists provide a flexible and comprehensive service to businesses on the following:


Entity Health is a line of Australian-made nutraceuticals developed to improve specific health and skin conditions at a cellular level. Its supplements – containing ingredients from food sources or naturally occurring in the body – help to manage lifestyle-based conditions, delay the onset of age-related conditions, and improve wellbeing. Launched in 2017 Entity Health sells 13 nutraceutical products across 5 countries. Entity Health products are designed, developed and manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices in Australia. For more information, visit entity-health.com.

Energy & Vitality
  • RestoriX
    Boosts energy, repairs cells
Skin care
  • LumeniX
    Brightens the skin & reduces hyperpigmentation
  • MelaniX
    Supports skin health
  • LiviUp
    Liver detox supplement
  • RevitaliX
    Symptomatic relief of stress & anxiety
Bone & Joint Health
  • FortefiX Plus
    Improves movement & flexibility
Brain Health
  • ConcentriX
    Boosts memory, learning & concentration