Our Services

Our experienced team of scientists and pharmaceutical specialists provide a flexible and comprehensive service to businesses on the following:

cGMP pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing, packaging and labelling for domestic and international clinical and commercial programs.

We manufacture a variety of finished product dosage forms including our patented freeze-dry sublingual wafer, solids, liquids, creams and gels.

iX Syrinx has proprietary wafer manufacturing equipment (for small, medium and large scale) using the lyophilisation method of manufacture. The unique features of the freeze dryers allow for a myriad of applications and customised products.

Solid dosage forms include: immediate-release tablets, enteric coated tablets, oral dissolving tablets and hard gelatin capsules.

Liquid formulations include: aqueous and oil based oral liquids, to meet various batch sizes and fill volume requirements.

Topical products include: creams and pastes for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

iX Syrinx has the capabilities to pack finished products into various packaging configurations such as blisters, cartons and bottles. We can provide support in sourcing packaging material to meet customer requirements.